Ridge Characteristics:

Ridge Characteristics:
   1. bifurcation (fork) — This is a single ridge, splitting or forking into two branches.
   2. island (enclosure) — An island is formed by a single ridge which, after bifurcating for a short distance, reconverges and continues as a single ridge. An enclosure usually refers to a larger island.
   3. dot — A dot is a very short ridge and means exactly what the word dot implies.
   4. short ridge — A relative term, and is used to denote a ridge that is not as long as the average ridge in that specific print.
   5. ridge ending — A the point of the ridge’s termination. It is considered an ending ridge only if it terminates within the pattern area.
   6. trifurcation — This is one single ridge splitting into a three-pronged, fork-shaped pattern.
   7. bridge — A bridge is a short ridge which interconnects two other parallel ridges.
   8. angle — An angle results from two or more ridges converging with one another at a point.
   9. converging ridges — Two or more ridges which meet at a point are converging, and the point at which they meet is called the point of convergence.
   10. diverging ridges — Diverging ridges are ridges which are parallel for some distance but then swing out away from each other.

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